Analysis Of Henry Drummond As An Admirable Character In Inherit The Wind

People fight for their beliefs every day. But, others have often considered them to be sinners or godless. Henry Drummond, America’s greatest lawyer, is a victim of this. In Inherit the Wind by Jerome Lawrence/Robert E. Lee Drummond takes the initiative and becomes Bertram’s attorney during the Scopes Trial. The town did not welcome Drummond when he arrived to Hillsboro for the Trial, July 1925. He was regarded as a deranged lawyer who was well-known in the town. He is a admirable character despite all the negative publicity. He is open-minded and courageous, and has integrity.

Henry Drummond’s open-mindedness is evident in his various actions throughout this play. Cates and Rachel were arguing about whether to continue with their trial. Drummond was open-minded in this scene. Drummond recognized the situation and offered Cates his decision to change Cates’ plea. He also said that he would suspend the entire business, but only on one condition. If you truly believe you are wrong and the law is right. It’s okay. I’ll pack my bags and head back home to Chicago, where there’s a hundred shaded.” (Lawrence und Lee 52). Drummond understands that the Butler law violates a basic human rights, the right to reason. Drummond knew that the defendant was entitled to his opinion. He would rather accept punishment than admit that the defendant broke the law. Henry Drummond, on the other hand, shows his openness just as he is packing up to go after the court cases are over. He took the Bible and Darwin’s Origin of Species with him, and balanced them equally. Half smiling, half shrugging, he put both in his briefcase and continued his journey. Drummond doesn’t place Darwin’s Origin of Species or the Bible above all others. He treats all books equally. Drummond has both read and believed that both can co-exist. Henry Drummond is admired for his open-mindedness throughout this play. Cates heard Drummond tell Cates that it was his preference to direct his efforts and talents towards difficult cases that would prove impossible for most to win. Cates was not only considered a guarantee loss by the defense, but he was also called a pariah and criticized for his assertion of his right. Drummond is courageous in this scene. Although he knew he was going to lose, he refused to allow the trial’s difficulties to stop him. He is able to defend people accused of terrible things. Other lawyers wouldn’t take on such a difficult case to win. Henry Drummond also presented many scientists to the jury to provide some insight into evolution to the defense, as they were unable to understand it. The judge refused to allow all scientists to explain evolution and had to act quickly. Drummond did what was impossible. Drummond was called upon to testify as the defense lawyer and summoned by the prosecution. Drummond proudly states, “I call to stand Matthew Harrison Brady!” Drummond’s intelligence and courage combined with his cleverness made this possible. Drummond’s courage through different scenes has helped him win over Hillsboro citizens while also adding to his admirability.

Henry Drummond’s integrity is another admirable quality. Henry Drummond is an honest person who tries to select an impartial jury that does not favor Brady or himself. He will only allow people who are not strongly opposed to Darwin’s Origin of Species, or the Bible onto his jury. Drummond said, “Look, we’ve established Mr. Sillers doesn’t work very hard at religion.” Drummond stated, “Look, I have established that Mr.Sillers isn’t working very hard at Religion. Drummond is honest, as he assures Mr. Sillers that despite his desire for victory, he is not an evolutionist nor a creatorist. Hornbeck insults Brady’s beliefs after Brady passes away during the trial. Drummond did not accept Hornbeck’s accusations and allowed him to continue insulting Brady. Drummond stood up for Brady instead and told Hornbeck that he was a smart-aleck. Drummond is not allowed to criticize Hornbeck’s religion in the same way that you are permitted to criticize my religion. Or my lack thereof!” Drummond stood up to his opponent, despite what the characters and readers expected. Drummond showed that he is capable of standing up for his opponent even in defeat. This is because he recognizes Brady’s humanity and that he deserves to be respected after his passing. Drummond’s integrity is a positive attribute that has helped him to be admirable.

Henry Drummond, a positive character with open-mindedness and courage, has been an admirable character throughout this play. Drummond was initially viewed by the town as a sinner and a godless man. However, the townpeople have come to love him for his character traits, which they have seen increase their admiration.


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