The Impact Of Internet On Younger Generations

The majority of people today spend their time online. This is true whether they’re chatting with friends or watching streaming videos. While the internet offers many benefits, there are also many downsides. Our younger generation is now more vulnerable to the internet and advertising. This is one of the biggest problems. They can’t control the environment that they’re exposed to online and must follow the guidelines set by parents. Internet can sometimes open up new knowledge for children in different fields and help them to be unique. Despite the positive effects of internet on children, companies lie to the masses with their advertisements and use any means necessary to achieve their economic goals, regardless of whether it affects children and consumers in a positive or negative way. To make matters worse, many companies target children as young as possible by reaching out and promoting celebrities who children consider role models.

The internet is currently the most used tool in this generation’s lives. Parents, while trying to protect their children against harm, can choose with whom they want to socialize from teachers, children, and doctors. Companies have access to their kids almost unlimitedly and can target them through many platforms. This is a serious concern because children can get confused and lose track of their thoughts. The advertisements portray a message of goodwill but are in fact misleading to children. Celebrities are also used to promote the product in order to make it seem more credible and authentic to those who admire them. The solution to this problem must begin within. Parents must be more vigilant and aware of their children’s needs. Children will be more independent and responsible if this solution is implemented. The government and the advertising federation are responsible for allowing these advertisements to be promoted in public places. They should regulate the advertising displayed to children and prevent any misleading advertisement from tricking them. They should also get rid of celebrities who promote advertisements via social media or on the internet. Because children view celebrities as role models, they tend to follow their advertisements without thinking about it. This will make a more positive impact on the long-term as it will prevent deceptive advertising and allow only ethical advertisements that encourage creativity and growth in children’s thinking. In conclusion, although the Internet can have positive effects for children, they also have potential to educate them mentally. It will allow only ethical advertisements that promote creativity and growth in children’s thinking.


  • davidwong

    David Wong is a 29-year-old educator and blogger who focuses on helping students learn in creative and interesting ways. He has a background in teaching and has been blogging since 2006. David's work has been featured on a variety of websites, including Lifehack, Dumb Little Man, and The Huffington Post.