Confession: I Cheated With My German Homework

This week has proven to be a challenging one for me in regards to my homework. I cannot rush through conjugating my verbs just half an hour before the class starts. I admit that I have cheated and looked up the verbs online, and I am not proud of it. I know that cheating is not a good practice, and I am determined to dedicate extra time each week to tackle my homework diligently.

Even though I have not started my homework yet, I will allow myself some time this weekend to complete it. This week, I have been using a remarkable language application called Duolingo, which I downloaded on my mother’s recommendation. Duolingo has a point and lifeline system that makes learning more fun. I have already learned numerous basic structures and phrases. Although it is a perfect supplement to my classroom learning, it could also help someone learn basic phrases before a vacation. BuzzFeed reportedly uses Duolingo to translate articles into other languages.

Language learning through technology is fantastic, but it comes with a disadvantage. Although Duolingo is an intuitive app, it is tempting to rely on programs that provide instant answers by just plugging in the verb and pronoun. In class, I learned how difficult German grammar is, with a multitude of rules and exceptions. This has been a big challenge for me.

Despite my struggle with my homework, I am excited to discover German language quirks, and I am looking forward to exploring complex grammar structures. I am in need of discipline and must find a way to stay focused.

In an effort to immerse myself in German culture, I have been listening to music by 2raumwohnung. I believe that it will help me improve my German language skills.

Anna Codrea-Rado is the editor of a language learning series and writes about her experience learning German.


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