The Importance Of News

Sue Sims, a teacher from Dorset, presents the idea that newspapers are beneficial due to their attributes and content. As an English, history, or geography teacher, you are instructing pupils on how to construct narratives, stories, and their structure. Nowadays, the English curriculum has focused on writing for particular genres, and in history and geography, teachers can request a newspaper article to discuss events or phenomena. For language change, Sue uses old newspapers as part of her state-of-the-art lesson plan. The staffroom has both the Guardian and The Times Educational Supplement, while sixth-form students have access to all the national dailies as newspapers are helpful in comparing register.

Cayte Finlay, a parent from London, mentions she only began reading newspapers once she began working in Public Relations. Nowadays, young people tend to use the internet as their primary source of information, even for the news. However, as long as youngsters learn about current affairs and comprehend the importance of being updated on the news, then it doesn’t matter where they obtain their information. She would rather witness newspapers used as archives for significant sociological occurrences during the last century.

Joe White, a sixteen-year-old from Shropshire, agrees that newspapers are advantageous as they promote debate and become a reference point to further anyone’s language and vocabulary skills. His English teacher implements newspapers as a research tool for developing his class’s language skills. Joe completes the Shropshire youth columns to participate in the See the Good Behind the Hood campaign and show young people positively in the media. While young people frequently utilize the internet for access to information, Joe believes that treating newspapers as disposable media may be a grave mistake. Online searches provide data for one specific piece of information, whereas newspapers offer a wide range of information in varying writing styles. Young people can often presume that all the information on the internet is veracious, causing falsehoods to spread quickly. Therefore, Joe thinks newspapers may present a solution against this problem.


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